The only way to truly understand who we are is to come and see us. We welcome in-person tours of our Auburn, WA Terramation Center. No questions are off limits.


We maintain unparalleled transparency throughout our process. We want you to be educated on how our process works if you so desire, and will answer any questions you have about our process.


We offer in-person, on-site laying in ceremonies, allowing you to see your loved-one in the vessel they will be in throughout the Terramation process, not a mock set-up.


We welcome you to visit your loved-one's vessel any time during business hours. We want you to be able to grieve at your heart's pace.


Our process allows for intimate personalization of your loved one's vessel by family and friends throughout the process. We have seen vessels decorated with anything from family photos to flowers to sentimental items.


We give you the option to receive any amount of your loved one's soil after the Terramation process is complete. Any remaining soil has the option to be donated to Return Home's Woodland, which is a piece of local land in need of revitalization.


Our Terramation process is truly gentle. Unlike other providers, there is no machinery within the vessel to break down the body throughout the process, and our vessels do not actively rotate. When visiting our facility, you will notice a quiet and peaceful environment.

Why We're Different

Why Return Home?

Return Home is more than just a funeral home, we are a movement. We are a community dedicated to showing love, kindness, and inclusiveness in everything we do, and with every family in our care. Return Home aims to revolutionize the world’s deathcare experience through transparent, ethical, and sustainable practices, allowing us to make our final act on earth one that gives back.

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If you need immediate assistance, please call us at (206) 888-HOME. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

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Schedule a call with one of our pre-planning specialists. They will guide you through the pre-planning process from start to finish.

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