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Why Choosing the Right Funeral Home Matters

Many people do not have real-life experience with a funeral home until they lose a loved one and choosing a funeral home to serve you and your family is an important decision. During an incredibly emotional and stressful time, a good funeral home can make things easier.

Oftentimes we are not sure which services are offered or even which we need. Below is a selection of services that are available from a good funeral home that could help you choose a funeral home that fits your family’s needs.


What can funeral homes help with?

A funeral home is there to support you and your family through decisions and choices that have to be made following the death of a loved one. A funeral home should empower you to make choices that fit your family best and walk you through how to make those things happen.

A funeral home’s task is to take away all of the background noise so that you can focus on your grief journey.

Funeral homes have specially trained staff and equipment to assist in the physical care of your loved one after the death has occurred. A good funeral home should allow you to be as involved in these processes as you wish to be. This starts with the bringing of your loved one into the funeral home’s care. A specially made cot, much like those used by EMT staff, is used to ensure your loved one has a safe and dignified journey to the funeral home.


What services should a funeral home offer?

All good funeral homes should help you with the following things:

  • Transfer of your loved one into the funeral homes care on a timeline that fits you
  • Preparation, completion and filling of the death certificate
  • Ordering of certified death certificates 
  • Personal time at the funeral home to cover all details of your loved one’s services
  • Filling of veteran’s administration paperwork
  • Filling of life insurance paperwork
  • Contacting social security 
  • Liaising with local or national cemeteries on behalf of the family
  • Bathing and preparation of your loved one for a farewell
  • Facilitating a physical farewell of your loved one
  • Placement of obituaries online and in newspapers
  • Provide support and resources to create a meaningful tribute for your loved one


How do you know which funeral home is right for you?

Generally speaking, it is wise to start a relationship with your chosen funeral home before you are in immediate need of their help. This allows you time to get to know them, understand the services they offer and feel confident in your decision. This however is not always possible so here are a few suggestions to help you make an informed choice:

  • Do you feel genuine care from the staff when they take your call or answer your email?
  • Did they openly answer your questions?
  • Were they willing to help create a meaningful memorial for your loved one? 
  • Did they say yes more than they said no?
  • Did they offer a visit?

Understanding your rights as a grieving family can allow you to make a good decision on a funeral home that you feel will care for your family as you see fit.

Return Home is a fully licensed funeral home that aims to empower families to make choices that make the world a better place. We are able to guide you through the process from start to finish and take care of all the administrative duties to allow you to take the grief journey clearly and at your hearts pace. Our aim is to create an experience that is fitting for the wonderfully unique life that your loved one lived.

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