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Where to put the urn after cremation

Deciding where to keep an urn containing a loved one’s ashes can be daunting, especially if the family has not yet thought of a suitable location. Fortunately, this article is here to offer some guidance and help families make an informed decision on the best place for the urn. We will discuss popular options that are available when it comes time to decide what resting place would be most appropriate for their beloved departed’s remains after cremation.

Here are some ideas for where to put the urn after cremation:

  • Home

    Having the urn that contains your loved one’s ashes close to you can be an immense source of comfort and solace. There are a variety of ways to display this memorial item in your home, such as on a mantle or bookshelf with accompanying candles, pictures and flowers; furthermore, there many different types of decorative urns available that conform perfectly with any household décor.

  • Columbarium/Niche

    If you’re seeking a tranquil, long-term resting place for an urn, perhaps consider a columbarium or niche. A columbarium is a structure that houses several niches within which to store cremation urns safely and securely; common locations include cemeteries and churches. Note too that some of these structures may have restrictions in regards to the type or size of your chosen vessel -so kindly make sure you are aware of any such regulations before making your selection!

  • Cemetery/Memorial Park

    For those who preferred traditional burial, cemetery plots provide a way to honor that wish by housing the ashes in an urn in the ground or a bench. Whether you require a dedicated space specifically designed for urns or seek to purchase your own plot, cemeteries are equipped with many options that meet individual needs and preferences. Investing in a small plot will ensure that this final resting place is personal and unique for years to come.

  • Scattering/Spreading

    For those that would like to express their final respects, scattering ashes in a special place can be the perfect way to honor them. This could be anywhere from an often-visited park or beach throughout life, or any other outdoor site of meaning for the deceased. Despite this being such a solemn occasion, it is critical to ensure all local laws and regulations are observed before dispersing remains; failure to do so may result in legal penalties.

  • Specific Memorial Site

    Paying homage to a loved one is made possible with the creation of a memorial site. A place such as a park bench or tree, where longing can be turned into lasting memories, provides family and friends an opportunity for reflection and celebration of life. As part of this process, only a minimal portion of ashes need be used in creating such sites while the remaining may either stay at home within an urn or placed inside columbariums elsewhere.

  • At Sea Burial

    For those whose loved ones were passionate about the sea, honoring their memory with a burial at sea is an unforgettable way to pay tribute. Whether you choose to sprinkle ashes into the water or lower the urn in a biodegradable container, this special ritual will be remembered for generations.There are many services available that can help make your aquatic farewell peaceful and meaningful.

  • Memorial reefs

    If you or a loved one had an affinity for the ocean, memorial reefs are an exceptional and stunning choice. These fabricated coral formations create homes for marine life and incorporate some of your beloved’s ashes with concrete material when assembled. When placed in the ocean, family members can visit the reef to pay homage to their cherished person all while aiding in sustaining underwater species.

  • Parting Stones

    Honor your loved one with Parting Stone, an exclusive and natural stone memento crafted to carry your loved one’s memories by solidifying their ashes. Easily transform any outdoor area or indoor plants into a tranquil resting place for your loved one so that they can be near you and the life that surrounds you.

Ultimately, the choice concerning where to place your loved one’s urn should be made with both thoughtfulness and care. Whether it is a time-honored option such as a cemetery plot or something more unique like a memorial reef, what matters most is that you choose an area that grants solace and allows family members to remember and honor their beloved in a way that speaks to them. With numerous possibilities available, families can pick the solution that best encapsulates their relative’s identity, beliefs, and heritage.

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