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What to Do When Someone Dies Out-of-State and You Want Terramation with Return Home

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is undeniably challenging. When this happens in a state different from where Return Home operates, it might seem even more overwhelming. If you’ve been considering terramation with Return Home, we’re here to simplify this for you. Below is a clear, step-by-step guide on how to navigate this process.

Immediate Steps in an Out-of-State Passing:

  1. In the Wake of an Unexpected Passing: The sudden loss of a loved one can be paralyzing. If faced with an unexpected death, your first step should always be to call 911. This ensures that local authorities are immediately alerted and can offer guidance on the local protocols that need to be followed.
  2. During an Anticipated Passing: The process varies for expected deaths, especially in controlled environments like hospices or hospitals. If your loved one is in such a facility, make sure to inform the caregiving team about your preference for using Return Home’s services. Share our contact details with them, and usually they will be the ones to make the initial notification to Return Home.

Making the Connection:

  1. Contacting Return Home: Even if you’re miles away, your connection with Return Home should be your first step. While you may have the option of working with a local funeral home, there’s comfort in knowing that our dedicated team can handle everything. Return Home has worked hard to establish a relationship with a respected transport partner. This allows for the process to be simpler and cuts out confusion.
  2. Documen the Departed: Once in touch, your dedicated Return Home funeral director will work directly with you to gather the necessary information to complete a death certificate in the state where the passing happened. This responsibility, handled by our team, ensures accuracy and timely transport.
  3. Securing the Documents: We understand the importance of death certificates, both for their legal and emotional value. Once everything’s in order, Return Home takes the initiative to procure certified copies of the death certificate and ensures they’re mailed directly to you.

The Journey to Washington:

  1. Preparations for transport: While paperwork and behind the scenes preparations are set in motion, your loved one is being cared for with respect. They are taken into the care of our partnered funeral home, where they are bathed and readied for their journey to Washington.
  2. Flight Setup: Once we have all the papers ready, Return Home sets up a flight for your loved one to be brought from their state to Washington. This often gets done in a few days, so things move quickly but always with care. Funeral homes and airlines know how to take good care of your loved one during this time.

Being a part of the terramation process:

  1. The Laying-in Service: With your loved one in Return Home’s care before the process starts your family is invited to be present for the laying in. This can be a time for family and friends to say a physical goodbye to your loved one.
  2. Personal Touches: Every life is unique, and at Return Home, we believe in honoring that individuality. Families are encouraged to send in compostable items such as letters, flowers, or photographs. Compostable items can be placed inside the vessel with your loved one and photos can decorate the outside of the vessel for the process.

Concluding the Journey:

  1. Staying Updated: Transparency is crucial. Throughout the terramation process, which typically lasts between 60 to 90 days, we ensure you’re kept informed every step of the way.
  2. Receiving the Terramated Remains: Once the process concludes, families have various choices. They can either have a small portion mailed to them, pick up a more significant amount directly from our facility, or have it flown back. Any remains not taken home are respectfully spread across our scenic 8-acre woodland, ensuring a serene resting place.

Final Thoughts:

The grief journey is undeniably challenging, more so when navigating the intricacies of an out-of-state death. However, with Return Home by your side, the path becomes a little clearer, a touch more manageable. Our commitment ensures you communicate primarily with a dedicated Return Home funeral director, simplifying the process and offering the solace of dealing with a singular, compassionate entity.

When you choose Return Home, you’re not just opting for an eco-friendly end-of-life process; you’re embracing a partner who’ll guide, support, and stand by you every step of the way.

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