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The Importance of Funeral Preplanning

The Importance of Funeral Preplanning

When we think about planning for the end of our time on this planet, most people plan exactly what will happen to their money, their property, their pets, who will get the fancy china, and who is cut out of the will. Some people go into details about their healthcare wishes, maybe their decision is to forgo life support or maybe they want all the stops pulled out. Some people even have all their passwords recorded somewhere safe and accessible.

The reality is not nearly enough people have actually done their funeral preplanning.

Maybe we are divided into two groups. Those that refuse to believe they will die, refuse to recognize their own mortality, And those that have told their child, spouse, etc. that they probably want to “just be cremated” and feel that that is sufficient.

Your funeral care wishes should be as prepared and legally binding as where your money will go and who will get the timeshare. When you make funeral preplanning preparations, the benefits are multifaceted.

Funeral preplanning allows your loved ones to know that they are carrying out your wishes exactly as you wish. This is especially the case when it comes to choosing something new like Terramation (aka human composting). The burden of choosing a disposition method for a loved one when nothing has been pre-decided is debilitating for some families and leads to arguments, rash decisions, and regrets.


How Can You Remove Some of The Stress from Funeral Preplanning?

Return Home aims to make our human composting service as accessible to everyone, as possible but we also understand that when sudden death occurs, funding can be limited, and resources are spread thin. When you make funeral care arrangements with Return Home before the need arises, finance-free payment plans make the cost easy to manage and take the burden of funding off those left behind. Imagine the relief of knowing that you are doing both what your loved one wants and that it is already completely funded, leaving you to focus on your grief journey and creating a fitting farewell. While we are on the topic of funding, at Return Home, pricing is guaranteed to never rise for those who pre-pay for their funeral care.

Making decisions in the heightened emotional state after a death has occurred can often lead to overspending, rash decisions, and anxiety over getting it just right. Preplanning your funeral care relieves those you leave behind of those burdens, allowing them to travel their grief journey at their heart’s pace and take the time they need to create a fitting farewell.

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  1. Ronald Bernard

    I need to know cost associated with pre planning. I am a veteran.

    1. Brienna Smith

      Sure Ronald, you can access our General Price List on every page of our website at I will also send this message to our pre-planning coordinator, Jake, who will be in touch.

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