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  • Our core mission is to be a beacon of light during people’s darkest moments by transforming the way society currently engages with end-of-life care.

    • At Return Home, we believe that the love you’ve known in life should never cease, even in death. Guided by this principle, we offer Terramation, a gentle way to reunite your loved ones with the world around them. This philosophy enables us to stand beside families, providing holistic end-of-life care during people’s darkest moments.

    • Understanding that farewells are a deeply personal experience, we provide a safe space where families are empowered to create their own personal rituals. This gives loved ones the freedom to say goodbye in a manner that is most meaningful to them, ensuring that the journey is not only peaceful but deeply personal.

    • We’re dedicated to providing families the space and flexibility to honor their loved ones in a way that authentically reflects each unique spirit and relationship. Our aim is to make farewells as personalized and heartfelt as the lives we’re celebrating.

  • Terramation is the act of gently and naturally transforming human remains into life-giving soil.

    • Terramation is a completely aerobic process that stimulates the microbes which exist in each of us with moisture and oxygen to naturally decompose the body. The process is fulfilled in individual vessels, and in total takes 60-90 days in total from start to finish.

    • The Terramation process yields about 1-1.5 cubic yards of soil per body. The soil is nutrient-rich and fertile, containing everything beneficial that our body may have given the planet hundreds of years ago. Families receive a truly life-giving soil amendment, perfect for gardens, orchards, house plants, or anywhere soil is in our lives.

    • Terramated remains that the family cannot or chooses not to receive are donated to a certified green belt property in Kent, WA, just minutes from our facility in Auburn. This property is not visitable, but families can hike nearby and see the area where their loved one contributes to the local flora.

  • The Terramation process is simple because it happens naturally.

    • A mixture of organics are placed into a vessel that contains oxygen inputs and outputs.

    • The person is laid-in to their vessel, ultimately placed between two layers of organic material.

    • The vessel is then placed on a racking system where it stay as the person’s body begins to generate energy and slowly break down in a completely aerobic process.

    • After the remains have been terramated, they are ready to return home to the family for memorialization in everything from home gardens to arboretums to cemeteries!

  • Return Home operates out of Auburn, Washington.

    • Founded in 2019, CEO Micah Truman formed an “Ocean’s Eleven” team of experts who worked meticulously over 2.5 years to develop both the Terramation process and the family services experience of Return Home.

    • Currently, we staff a team of 8 individuals (including Micah) who all come from the traditional deathcare profession.

    • Because of our social media efforts, Return Home has served families from more than 22 US States and 3 Provinces in Canada.


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