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Nevada Legalizes Human Composting!

Nevada has become one of a handful of states that allow human composting as an alternative to traditional burial and cremation. Lawmakers have approved a bill that would make this process accessible in the state, which involves transforming human remains into life-giving soil through natural means.

Representative Max Carter (D-Clark County), alongside five cosponsors, Assembly Democrats Selena La Rue Hatch, Cameron Miller, Shondra Summers-Armstrong and Howard Watts, and Democratic Senator Julie Pazina, initiated the Natural Organic Reduction Regulation Act. Since Nevada passed legislation, it makes them the seventh state to recognize human composting as legal along with Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, California, and New York.

The proposed bill grants licensed facilities the authority to provide natural organic reduction or terramation as an alternate method of end-of-life care. In this process, a body is placed in a vessel with organic materials that are then broken down by bacteria over the course of several weeks, slowly transforming the person’s body into life-giving soil. This can be used for memorialization anywhere from home gardens and plants to arboretums and cemeteries.

Backers of body composting attest that it is a more ecologically prudent and sustainable solution than interment or incineration. Traditional burial practices often necessitate the use of hazardous embalming chemicals as well as damage to natural habitats with concrete, metal, and rebar, while cremation involves immense energy expenditure and emits harmful heavy metal emissions.

The success of Assembly Bill 289 (AB289) in Nevada brings with it much appreciation from supporters who want a more sustainable method of final disposition. With more states considering legalizing terramation, it is quickly becoming a much simpler and widespread choice for individuals considering eco-friendly end-of-life options.

If you’re interested in following the progress of the NOR Regulation Act in Nevada, you can track it by its bill number, Assembly Bill 289 (AB289).

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