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Return Home™ provides an earth-friendly alternative to cremation and burial. Let our caring service team help guide you through the next steps.

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Our Terramation™ (human composting) process empowers families to make death care decisions that help make the world a better place. We are here to guide you through this challenging time. Here are the next steps. 

We serve all 50 U.S. States and Canada.

Step 1: When A Death Occurs


Contact Return Home™
Our services team is here to answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When a death has occurred, simply call us or notify your hospice or hospital provider that Return Home™ will be your selected funeral home, and we will be of service to you from that point forward.

Transfer of Care
We have specially trained staff that are able to be dispatched any time of day or night to bring your loved one into our care. We also offer in-home services if you choose to care for your loved one at home before transferring to our facility.

Preparation of Documents
We will complete and file the death certificate and obtain the necessary permits for Terramation™. Our services include our assistance with other end-of-life arrangements, such as obituary writing, filing of life insurance, filing for VA benefits, and other difficult paperwork.

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Step 2: Terramation™


Laying in Ceremony
Return Home™ offers the unique opportunity to wish your loved one a physical farewell at our Auburn facility. Our services team will work with you to create a ritual and/or service that is as unique and memorable as your loved one.

Terramation™ Process
During the first 30-60 day phase, your loved one will be in their vessel in front of our house that is available for you to visit during business hours. After the first phase, the body has completely transformed, and the compost must now rest for an additional 30 days before being returned home. Please visit our process page for more details.

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Step 3: Transformation To Soil Complete


Returning Home
Your loved one is now ready to return home in the form of life giving soil. We are able to package any amount for pickup at our facility and ship smaller amounts via USPS

The Woodland
We have created a special area of woodland for donated terramated™ remains to be scattered just 10 miles from our Auburn facility. The Woodland has an adjoined public trailhead that allows families to walk among the very flora their loved one has nourished.

The cost of Terramation (Human Composting) is $4,950.

This includes:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can provide Terramation™ services to all 50 states and Canada. We can arrange this directly with you or the funeral home of your choice.

Our process completely transforms a body into rich, fertile soil within 60 days. This includes the 30 days it takes to transform into soil, and an additional 30 days for the resulting soil to rest and stabilize.

For those that wish to participate, we offer an option for a laying-in ceremony. We will work directly with you to ensure this ceremony reflects your or your loved one’s unique needs and final wishes.

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