You are currently viewing Human Composting Canada | Human Composting Is Now Available to Canada

Human Composting Canada | Human Composting Is Now Available to Canada

Human Composting Canada | Human Composting Is Now Available to Canada

At Return Home we are delighted to announce that our Terramation (natural organic reduction/human composting) service is now available to residents of Canada.

Our proprietary Terramation service gently transforms human remains into soil, ensuring that our last act on earth is to enrich and improve it. Modern burial and cremation methods are environmentally unsustainable, and Return Home’s Terramation process provides a much-needed, earth-friendly alternative.

With growing interest in Terramation, also known as human composting and natural organic reduction, we have decided to extend our service to Canadian residents.

Our CEO Micah Truman said in a press release “Return Home is incredibly excited to be the first company offering Terramation services to Canadian residents. We look forward to opening a facility in Canada just as soon as legislation approving Terramation is approved, and in the meantime are delighted that we can now offer our services to Canadian residents.”

Return Home can now accept bodies at our Seattle based facility from Canada both by air and ground transport, and are able to return terramated soil back to the families once the process is completed. The Return Home team is fully versed in managing the international transportation process, and will be responsible for handling every aspect of our Canadian client’s care.

Interested in Learning more about Human Composting now being available to Canada?

The Return Home team is available by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For direct inquiries please email Katey Houston at, or call (206) 888-HOME (4663)

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  1. Tim

    Thank you for an amazing option. Would like to be notified if the legislature for this process happens in Canada.

  2. Gail

    I also am interested in this option. I live in Ontario, Canada. What would be the total costs for this process, including transportation to and from your facility?
    If New York state approves this process, it might be less expensive for transportation costs.

  3. Liessi

    Excellent news! I look forward to hearing more once you are set up in Canada.

  4. Sandi

    Such a wonderful idea! I love this! Hopefully the legislation approves this for Canada 🇨🇦
    I’ll be putting this service in my will. Thank you for doing what you do!

  5. VKC

    Thank you for offering this amazing service. I am so happy to have found the perfect solution for me. I have always felt that placing dressed up bodies in the ground within caskets and cement liners is just a idiotic. We did not arrive in the world like this, so why go out like this. Cremation seems to be a huge waste of energy too.

    Will there be a terramation facility in BC Canada soon? Auburn is not far from my home but having a facility in BC would reduce the cost of transportation and extra paperwork in order to cross through CANADA/US customs.

  6. Laara Dalen

    Thanks – I’m not keen on the ‘transportation’ and the necessary costs- this is low tech- I’d expect it more ‘reasonable’ then a cremation – once the ‘greenhouse gases’ are offset?
    Our crematorium industry likely has something to do with why this is still illegal in Canada- even though our scientist invented it!

    1. Nancy B

      Hi Laara,

      I am wondering the same! I wonder if they have considered low income people? Who might want to be environmentally responsible?
      Canadians invented this?

      Thank you

      1. Kali

        Hi, Nancy. Wanting to help everyone, regardless of their economic standing, is something we want. But unfortunately, until Canada legalizes natural organic reduction (aka human composting) and a facility is allowed to open there, we’re kind of stuck with having people transported to us in order to help them with their composting journey. In the future, we look forward to a Canadian facility being built and transportation being less of an issue! Also, while Canadians did not invent natural organic reduction (body composting is a very old idea), a Canadian did help build and perfect the process that we use at Return Home!

  7. Brigitte Bonn

    I am Canadian and live in Ontario. I am interested in the program of Human Composting for myself. Can’t discuss it with my children. Like to hear from you a bit more about it.

  8. Gary

    Wonderful way of giving back to the planet that has given us all so much.

  9. jodie payant

    i’d love to make this process available in saskatchewan. I’d love to tour your facility some day. Do you allow that?

    1. Kali Thomas

      Hi, Jodie! We love to have people stop by our facility for tours and chats. Return Home has an open door policy and we want people to feel free to visit us whenever they can. If you’re ever in the Auburn, Washington area, give us a call to schedule a tour or stop by and say hello! You can even schedule a tour online here:

  10. Hesam, From Toronto, Ontario.

    Thank you for offering this service to Canadian , it is one of the best ways to be thankful to earth and environment.

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