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How Long Does It Take to Plan a Funeral?

Having to plan a funeral is something that most people will face at least once in their lifetime. Doing so can be a daunting prospect, with the funeral planning process frequently raising numerous questions. Among these is often how long the process takes.

Like many things in life and death, there’s no definitive answer. However, planning a funeral generally takes between a single day and four weeks. On average, funerals in the U.S. are held approximately a week after a person’s passing. Broadly speaking, planning times most commonly rest on the wishes of the deceased or their family.

At Return Home, we offer various options, including funeral pre-planning and immediate need assistance. Whether using Return Home or another funeral home, these and other similar choices are often central to how long the process takes. To demonstrate, we’ve put together a closer look at the most common approaches taken to plan a funeral.

Should I Pre-Plan a Funeral?

Return Home provides an earth-friendly alternative to cremation and burial. With our green funeral pre-planning, those wishing to do end-of-life planning can ensure that their last act is one that gives back. Most traditional funeral homes also offer pre-planning. So, while the services on offer may differ, funeral planning times shouldn’t vary too much.

Whether opting for a funeral at Return Home or making more traditional arrangements, pre-planning is likely to take anywhere from just a few hours to several months or more. Timing generally rests on the complexity of an individual’s wishes. However, in the majority of instances, funeral pre-planning is usually the work of just a day or two.

Either way, and after death, the next steps are expedited, having already put the most important plans in place. Other benefits of choosing to plan a funeral in this manner include allowing loved ones to grieve without the need to worry unnecessarily about funeral planning. Funeral pre-planning also ensures that an individual’s wishes are met in their entirety.

By choosing Return Home, those looking to plan in advance can also rest easy knowing that their passing will mark their commitment to a sustainable future. Our funeral process allows you to pay the gift of life forward, continuing nature’s cycle. Choosing Return Home also gives your loved ones peace of mind knowing that your final wishes are being honored.

Immediate Need Funeral Planning

Where an individual hasn’t made pre-planned arrangements for their own funeral, there will generally be a call for what’s commonly referred to as an immediate need service.

In such instances, and without measures already in place, it invariably takes longer to plan a funeral. Accordingly, family and loved ones should, without existing arrangements, expect the funeral planning process to take in the region of a few days to three or four weeks.

Planning and then scheduling a funeral can be overwhelming, especially where a loved one’s passing is unexpected. Crucially, though, and following a death, it’s important to remember that there’s no set timeline for arranging and holding a funeral. Nobody should therefore feel unduly rushed.

Remember that it’ll be necessary to make time to choose a burial, cremation, or a service like Return Home. That’s alongside or in addition to appointing a funeral director, arranging a death certificate, scheduling a service, and notifying any necessary state or local authorities. Loved ones should also put time aside to think about flowers and other details.

It’s also a good idea to allow a few hours to contact friends and family members while perhaps also writing a funeral announcement. Elsewhere, families may wish to make time to pen an obituary, choose what they’ll wear to the funeral, and allow for any visitation plans.

Religious, cultural, and other factors can also have a bearing on the time it takes to plan a funeral. In some instances, a service may be held just a day or two after a person’s passing. Either way, and whether pre-planned or immediate need service, most funerals are ultimately arranged and held within two weeks.

Plan a Funeral with Return Home

Return Home is a fully licensed funeral home that aims to empower individuals and their families in choosing to make the world a better place. We’re here to guide you through the steps required to plan a funeral from start to finish. We can also take care of any necessary administrative duties. The bereaved can then take the grief journey clearly and at their own pace.

Our aim is to create an experience befitting the wonderfully unique life you or your loved one lived. Funeral pre-planning with Return Home allows anyone to see that their wishes are met following their passing. Taking much of the worry out of the usual steps needed to plan a funeral, our process is designed to be as straightforward as possible for all involved.

Even where funeral planning hasn’t been pre-arranged, loved ones can still plan a service with Return Home in as little as a few days. So, whether you’re in immediate need or simply exploring pre-planning, we’re always here to guide you. With that, we’d love to hear from you. Please call or write to speak to a member of the Return Home team today.

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