Green Funeral Pre-Planning​

Ensure your last act is one that gives back​.

We gently transform human remains into rich, fertile soil through a service called Terramation.

We gently return loved ones to the earth so that new life may be created, just as nature intended. We have an absolute commitment to sustainability, respect, simplicity, and affordability. 

Return Home exists to serve those who care about the future of our world and seek a natural ending for themselves.

Making our last act on the planet one that gives back.

Our Terramation (Human Composting) funeral pre-planning program allows you to:

Celebrate your commitment to a sustainable future

Pay the gift of life forward, continuing nature’s cycle

Give your loved ones peace of mind knowing they are honoring your final wishes

What's included in Terramation funeral pre-planning?

Terramation funeral pre-planning includes:

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