Green Funeral Pre-Planning

Ensure Your Last Act Is One That Gives Back

After you pass away, would you like your life to grow on through a garden or a tree?

Do you care about conservation and the planet?

Would you like your passing to be meaningful and impactful?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, consider human composting for your funeral pre-planning. With green funeral pre-planning, you can:

  • Take the load off your friends and family so they can focus on what matters most in their time of grief.
  • Pay the gift of life forward and secure peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
  • Celebrate your commitment to a sustainable future so you’re giving back even in death.
  • Offer your loved one’s relief knowing they are honoring your final wishes.

We transform human remains into rich, fertile soil through a service called terramation

We help gently return loved ones to the earth so that new life may be created, just as nature intended. We have an absolute commitment to sustainability, respect, simplicity, and affordability. 

Return Home exists to serve those who care about the future of our planet and seek a natural ending for themselves—a return to the earth from which they came.

Human Composting Is Essential To Sustainability


Terramation is an earth-friendly natural alternative to environmentally damaging burial and cremation methods.

biological hazard

Cemeteries utilize valuable land and embalmed bodies can leach toxins into the groundwater.

eco earth

Terramation reduces environmental contamination, nourishes soil, preserves and restores land, and reduces relative carbon emissions.

Ensure Your Legacy Grows On Through The Gardens You Nourish

green funeral pre planning

Imagine dying on a Tuesday.

Your family and friends choose a traditional burial because it’s what they know.

Now, they have to rush to get you embalmed, the casket picked out, the funeral service planned. By Friday, they’re lowering your casket into a cement-lined box.

The whirlwind of death care doesn’t allow space for people to honor the life just lost.

Grief is not a fast process, and neither is terramation.

With human composting, we slow down the death care process which gives more space for loved ones and adds grace to the journey.

In 60 days, your loved ones can receive the life-giving soil that was once your body.

Now, imagine your loved ones gathering to plant seeds in your soil. Those seeds sprout and grow beautiful flowers and trees. Those plants reproduce more seeds which grow new flowers and trees. 

Your life can grow on. 

Green funeral pre-planning for yourself or a loved one is an important decision, and we want to make sure you have as much information as you need.

Human Composting Funeral Pre-Planning

No matter where you live in the US

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We Serve All 50 States

Return Home provides terramation human composting services to all 50 states. We can arrange this directly with you or the funeral home of your choice.

Transportation of the body within 75 miles of our facilities in Auburn, WA is included in our rate. Transport of the body more than 75 miles from our facility and delivery of soil to the family is billed separately. Prices will vary depending on the distance driven from our Auburn, WA offices.

At this time, Return Home does not ship soil outside of the United States.


Your Loved-Ones May Receive The Soil In 60 Days

Our process completely transforms a body into fertile, usable soil within 60 days. This includes 30 days in a vessel, and an additional 30 days for the soil to rest.


You Can Even Purchase Green Funeral Pre-Planning For A Loved One

Green funeral pre-planning for a loved one is as easy as making arrangements for yourself.

Please discuss this with your loved one beforehand and have their full name, date of birth, and address ready.

The cost of human composting funeral pre-planning is $4,950.

The price includes:

immediate need human composting
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100% Guaranteed

Even If You Live Another 70 Years, We’ve Got You.

Once purchased a funeral pre-plan, your terramation price is guaranteed.

Green funeral pre-planning with Return Home is backed by United Heritage Insurance, providing an important layer of long-term protection.

Make sure to make your wishes are communicated to your family and friends, as well as included in your Will, Trust, or other related legal documents.

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