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Ensure your last act is one that gives back. Terramation pre-planning allows you to make your arrangements in advance, giving your loved ones peace of mind in a time of grieving, knowing they’re honoring your final wishes.

About Terramation & Pre-Planning

We gently transform human remains into Soil through a service called Terramation.

We gently human remains to life-givning so that new life may be created, just as nature intended. We have an absolute commitment to sustainability, respect, simplicity, transparency and affordability.

Return Home exists to serve those who care about the future of our world and seek a natural ending for themselves.

Why Pre-Plan Your Terramation

Making our last act on the planet one that gives back.

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Celebrate your commitment to a sustainable future and pay the gift of life forward, continuing nature’s cycle.


Peace of Mind

Give your loved ones peace of mind knowing they are honoring your final wishes and knowing are protected from first payment.

Pre-Planning Process

We Are Here To Guide You.

Our Terramation pre-planning service process empowers families to make death care decisions that help make the world a better place. Our pre-planning team is here to guide you through the entire pre-arrangement process. Here are 

We serve all 49 of the 50 U.S. States and Canada.

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Step 1: Schedule a Call With Our Pre-Planning Team

Schedule a call with our pre-planning team, where you'll have a one-on-one meeting with a Return Home pre-planning specialist that will address any questions you may have and guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

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Step 2: Customize Your Arrangements to Fit Your Needs

Our pre-planning team will guide you through all aspects of your arrangements, including pricing, payment plans, deciding between trust and insurance, and more. All plans are fully transferable no matter where you decide to go with your end-of-life plans.

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Step 3: Welcome Packet

After all aspects of your arrangements are determined and finalized with our pre-planning team, we'll send a welcome packet that outlines all aspects of your pre-plan, and you're set!

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