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About Return Home

Providing families access to inclusive, gentle, transparent death care that continues the cycle of life

Return Home exists to ensure families have access to gentle, inclusive, and transparent death care that continues the cycle of life, and contributes to the sustainability of our planet.

Our Journey

How Return Home Became What It Is Today


Return Home started as a spark of an idea between our CEO Micah Truman and his mother Lexi. With groundbreaking legislation relating to Natural Organic Reduction fast approaching in Washington state, a newspaper article sparked a conversation with our former investment capitalist CEO, his island-dwelling mom, and a group of their friends from the great state of New York. Micah’s reserved feelings on the upcoming law changes were met with great resistance from the others in the group, with a resounding decision that they, in fact, would want this for themselves and their loved ones and how could they make it a reality.

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Micah undertook two years of extensive research and development. He took time to compile an “Ocean's Eleven” team of soil scientists, HVAC specialists, engineers, funeral directors, and embalmers. Slowly that spark of an idea started to become a reality. Vessels were constructed, organic mixtures and ratios were tested, walls were erected in the terramation center, and finally, in June of 2021, our doors opened to our first families.

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The road trip began with Katey holding down the fort while Brie and Micah took the show on the road. They visited dozens of funeral homes in Washington state, presented at handfuls of meetings for the Washington State Funeral Directors Association, and showed funeral professionals the transparency that they had desired and not previously received. Brie also came in with the message that to truly be “full service,” they needed to offer their families all of the available options. At the least, they needed to be educated on the process, and we are happy to say that many of them showed support and appreciation for the effort.

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The original plan was for an inclusive and non-invasive service that could scale quickly and be made accessible to people across the nation. With the science dialed, the facility built, and the first families coming into our care, we quickly turned our heads to creating a family experience unlike anything else in the world. We quickly became obsessed with finding the middle point between technology and humanity.

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Back on the home front, the Terramation Center started its own transformation. A local artist was commissioned to create a beautiful mural in the family laying-in area to provide a backdrop for families farewell visits. A building wide sound system was installed to allow families to create moments drenched in the sounds of the songs that shaped their loved one’s lives. A jungle of plants made their way one by one into our funeral home, both as an obsession of Brie and Katey’s, and to symbolize our statement that life really does grow on. In the most recent terramation center update, incredible facades depicting a lush expansive forest were installed to create a facility as beautiful as the families it was serving.

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The team very quickly realized that innately in all of us is a desire to return to the earth, but also to continue to care for the ones we love. Our services expanded to include families at every step of the process. Some people have driven their loved one to our firm themselves as a final act of love. Our serene bathing room allows families to give that final hair wash if they wish. Our laying-in space allows for families to say a meaningful final farewell. What we found was that, given the space to do it, families organically create rituals that are meaningful to them. Our bathing and laying-in services allow families to interact with their final farewell rituals, adorning their loved ones' vessels with lights and photos or placing inside the vessel items that commemorate a life, like flowers, cake or candy. We encourage the hands that loved people in life to also love them in death.  Our background story will continue to grow as our company does.

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