About Return Home

Return Home specializes in Terramation (Human Composting) and is currently the largest and most transparent facility in the world to offer this. We began with the desire to offer a more earth-friendly alternative to traditional death care, and to empower families to make death care decisions that make our world a better place. Our focus is concentrated on three primary areas:

  • First and foremost, care of the family/decedent by providing services that allow each family to care for their loved ones as they see fit.
  • Providing death care methods that allow us to return to the earth simply, gently, and without polluting it.
  • Dedication to offering our community ethical and transparent services, and time to grieve at their hearts pace.

Return Home Team


Micah Truman

Founder and CEO

Micah’s long-standing passion for the environment is the foundation of Return Home. Driven to create a company expressly designed to ensure a sustainable future, Micah developed Return Home’s proprietary Terramation process to ensure that environmentally friendly end-of-life options as finally available to the general public. 

A Seattle-native and experienced international entrepreneur, Micah spent years living in Asia running several online technology companies before founding Asia-Wise, an international real estate investment company.  Micah is a graduate of Oberlin College, and has been featured in The New York Times, Inc. Magazine and on National Public Radio. 

“Return Home exists to serve,” said Micah. “I believe people want to make proactive end-of-life decisions that help the environment. Terramation is a powerful choice that ensures the last thing we do on earth is to give back.”

Brie Smith

Brie Smith

Services Director

Brie is responsible for all at-need death care including services, arrangements, ceremonies, and ensuring families wishes are fulfilled with dignity and respect. She also leads Return Home’s educational outreach efforts with the funeral industry.

Brie is a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Washington state, and has served two terms as the President of the Puget Sound Funeral Directors Association where she remains actively involved. She has worked in the funeral industry since 2011, graduating with honors from MCC’s Mortuary Science Program in 2014.  

“People deserve a natural end-of-life choice,” says Brie.  “After witnessing the gentle transformation of Terramation, I knew I wanted to educate others about this new alternative that will bring so many people peace and comfort.”

Katey Houston

Katey Houston

Service Manager

Katey is responsible for meeting with at-need families to ensure that their experience with the terramation process is suited to their specific needs. She also is responsible for the physical care of our decedents and ensuring their terramation journey is completed with love and care.

Katey is a Certified Celebrant, licensed funeral director and embalmer in Washington state and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Washington State Funeral Directors Association. Katey graduated from Lake Washington Institute of technology and previously practiced funeral service in her home country of England.

“I am passionate about equal and easy access for everyone in every walk of life to quality, approachable death care, and death education. Knowing you can make your final act on earth one that heals is empowering!”

Chris Stone

Chris Stone

Operations Coordinator

A key member of Return Home’s operations team. Chris helps manage the Terramation process and coordinate supplies and equipment.

Prior to Return Home, Chris spent three years at one of Washington state’s leading funeral service companies working directly with funeral homes, hospitals and medical directors, as well as in cremation services.

“Before transitioning to the funeral industry my background was in customer service,” says Chris.  “I can’t think of a better use for my skills than serving families during what is a very difficult time for them.”

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